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    Virtual Tags for iOS
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    What is in a website
    You may start your visit from our Blog to read the news on the environment of the app or read the Scenarios where the use of Virtual Tags could make a difference. To know more you may view the Video presenting the application, check the selection of the Images used in the several countries where Facebook Ads have been proposed and check the Reviews by Blogs and other publications. The press may also check the Press Release produced for version 2 of the App. The users of the application may check the Frequently Asked Questions to have information on how to best use the application, and access the Forum to share their experiences and talk with other users, and the developers may check the specific section in order to know how to integrate the Virtual Tags back-office in their websites or applications. The site is complemented by a list of publications and of contributors. At the bottom of this page the latest tags laid down in all parts of the world are presented. A tally of the most faithful users f the application is proposed on the Customers' Home page. Finally you may take part to our new sweepstake shown below.
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    Virtual Tags monthly offers one objects in its promotional material consisting of t-shirts and shopping bags to the most voted experience in which the use of the Virtual Tags iOS app made a difference. As a blueprint users might want to check the page of scenarios to get some ideas. You may therefore vote for your most appreciated scenarios or submit your own to participate for the current month.

    (if less than 5 users submit their entries in a month, or a tie develops, more months could be cumulated to reach this minimum, or a winner; a user may submit as many scenarios as she wants but they do not sum up to compose the stated minimum).