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What are the advantages and disadvantages of IOS?

If you are an Android or Blackberry fan, you might be wondering what all the fuss is over IOS software. As you probably already know, IOS is Apple's mobile operating system which was originally developed for the iPhone, but has now expanded to support various other Apple devices including the iPad and iPod touch.

As much as people rave about Apple products, their one flaw is not being able to run Flash or Shockwave videos. This means that if you are on your iPhone and want to look at a site which might include video clips and animations, whether it's PartyPoker or Youtube, unless you've downloaded the alternative software, you cannot view the whole page properly. However, apart from this problem, iPhones have many great advantages.

IOS technology allows you to interact and manipulate your screen in a variety of ways. This makes it much more user friendly because you can alter the screen size by simply placing two fingers in the centre of the screen and dragging them away from each other. This is particularly useful if you have a visual impairment, or if you have just forgotten your glasses, because within an instant, everything can be made much bigger. Double tapping the screen returns the page to its normal size, or if you wish to zoom out, simply reverse the zoom in motion. There are plenty of other touch screen motions, such as sliding your finger to the left or the right to scroll through photos, as well as dragging and dropping items to customize your apps.

These might all sound like nifty little moves, but there are some disadvantages too. For example, you cannot interact with the screen if you're wearing regular gloves which is certainly a pain in the winter. Sometimes the screen can freeze, before suddenly performing all the controls you were frantically pressing while the screen was frozen, which causes all sorts of problems.

We are therefore not expecting the disappearance of regular computers soon, neither the one of not mobile adapted web sites. This is particularly significant when critical or sensitive information is at stake, or the user's money. A mobile device, be it an iSomething, a blackberry or Android device is used much more casually than a regular computer. You might use it on a bus, in a crowd, while queuing at the post office... and that makes impulse actions much more probable! This is an asset for cheap iOS apps or tunes, but could become a danger when a user may move his finances or do anything else she may later repent not having done with more concentration. This is the reason why responsible operators allow the use of their services only from the relative calm of a computer. Perhaps there will be fewer clients, but despaired ones are no good publicity!

Play responsibly!