Virtual Tags for iOS

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Fantastic Mr. Fox (game) (2.0)

You and a small group of friends or family members are in a wood and would like to play some party game in order to spend some fun time together some time after lunch.

What you would do in the real world
You could of course take from your pack a soccer ball, a frisbee, the bowls. playing cards or some other classical game and spend the evening the way your fathers and grandfathers did.

What is possible with Virtual Tags
This time you want to set up for a new game, also taking into account that all of you have iPhones and little kids are better at ease with them than with old fashioned stuff. So each of you downloads the Virtual Tags app and one of the players becomes the "Fantastic Mr.Fox" while the other people are the "Farmers". The purpose of the fox is to cast as many clouds as possible before being caught while trying to use the position-telling avatar as a decoy rather than an indicator for her position.
The farmers will have to find the fox as soon as possible trying to stop it to leave clouds while following the Avatar that will never be too far away. At the end of this round a new "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is selected until all players had this possibility: the player having left the most clouds is the winner.
Of course the game may be varied by having more than a fox, or by chasing the clouds been left, rather than the foxes, in the shortest possible time.

UPDATE: with the release of the Virtual Tags Viewer it is now possible to just purchase one single version of the full application for the Fox player (or as many as the foxes are); while the Farmers could use the free one.